Feminist goes ballistic on pro-lifers, launches typical abusive tirade

Video here. On July 9, 2014, Created Equal's team downtown was met with verbal and physical abuse by one passerby. Please pray for this young woman.

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Personally, I'm pro-choice, simply because I can't say when a human being actually becomes remarkably human, and neither could the Congress, hence the "first trimester compromise". But I'm also pro-choice for men, too, which is why I think feminists are so utterly hypocritical on this (and other) topics. After all, if a woman can renounce parental responsibilities via abortion or surrender post-birth, why can't men legally renounce them also?

So why post this? First, my own position on abortion isn't by any means exclusively held by MRAs. Some are pro-choice, others pro-life. Just because the two guys who were assaulted by this feminist nutcase are pro-life doesn't enter into my evaluation of the item's relevance to the MRM. What is relevant is what the looney says and does. What I note:

1. She attacks the pro-lifers physically all while accusing the pro-lifers of not caring about women's health. Apparently she doesn't care about men's health though or she wouldn't be assaulting them.

2. She accuses the pro-lifers of racism (huh?) and accuses them of being "privileged white males". Only person who ever mentioned anyone's skin color was her. So who's the racist?

3. She raises her objections in an almost purely feminist ideological context. I wonder, had these young men been women, would she have behaved this way? I also wonder if she was eventually arrested by the officers who arrived on scene. Probably not. But even if she was, what kind of standards must a society have such that she believed she could physically attack these young men and curse them out so offensively and then act like she wouldn't get into trouble for it? She actually approached the officer who boarded the bus and told him to arrest her. And he didn't! I'd've slapped the cuffs on her w/out another word and took her in. But I bet you could guess that. :)

So really, who's in the "privileged class" in our society? If I had to pick an ethnicity-gender combo, it'd have to be white women. Excluding ethnicity, it'd be women, hands-down. Today's "war on women" seems to be typified by not getting contraception covered by insurance as required by law if a woman works for a small private company. Sorry to hear it, ladies. But it must be nice to have the law assure you that OB-GYN costs are covered no matter what. Funny though, men also have to pay for this coverage even if they're unmarried and so no one they know who could be the mother of their child could even get the benefit of it. And as for contraception, men get no contraceptive coverage guarantee at all.

Another "war on woman" plank is little or no guarantee of maternity leave, paid or not. As little assurance under the law as women have on this topic, men have much less-- a lot less. "War on women". Ever been drafted into an infantry/other combat role? Ever been required to register for the draft upon threat of jail, loss of eligibility for student loans, unemployment benefits, etc.?

There's been a war on men for so long no one even notices, not even most men. But MRAs do.

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